The purpose of the conference is to present the investment potential of West Pomerania. This event is directed to those entrepreneurs who already acts on the territory of the West Pomerania province, and to those who would like to know its potential and check what are the benefits of conducting business in this territory.
Place, in which the event takes place, is also not accidental.
Modry Las Golf Resort is an adventure having its roots in 1993. At that time the current owners bought lands in order to save magical and picturesque territories near the family house. Then they turn to the legend of golf Gary Player with the request to design a golf course, which will enchant everyone who plays on it. And it happened. The golf course Modry Las, carved in the natural landscape, was open in 2009 and until now it delights lovers of this exclusive sport. Modry Las Golf Resort is considered as the best golf course in Poland according to the web portal
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